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Company back office services

We offer your BV the full range of back office services. Also, this includes any support to meet corporate and compliance requirements.


You are able to control your offshore company only by being informed of its financials in due time. We are experienced in periodically providing detailed financial reporting on a client BV. In particularly this experience concerns client BV’s with a stock exchange listed parent company subject to tight publication deadlines.


Often your BV will be part of an international operating company which means there will be active cash management. We can provide your BV with a treasury system which makes it possible to make use of intra group online approvals.

Controlling (including periodical reporting)

Normally, this type of service is not provided by a trust company. However, as this is another independent services of Coadit since long, we are very experienced therein. For several customers we introduced ‘shared services centres’ and run/control the total finance part of their businesses.

Online accounting

A standard service of us is online accounting. Through a secured internet connection, this gives the shareholder (or any other admitted party) a permanent and direct access to the up-to-date financial administration of the client BV concerned.

Online HRM

If necessary our customers can be provided with an online HRM system to ensure that the files are always available to your local staff. From our experience we know that such a system prevents mistakes due to miscommunications.

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